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About us

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Zero1 Nation is a hacker collective located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Co. Our goals are to establish a Hackerspace presence in Colorado Springs to promote technological development in Southern Colorado. Zero1 Nation started as the BlogHouse Project in early 2009 and was created by hDc and Cyberlordian Consortium member Denzuko. Zero1 Nation runs in part by sponsorship from CompuTEK Industries.


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Coding and Electronics

3D Printing and Art

Crafts and other projects

Hackerspace Wiki

lorim ipsom


Membership Website

Written in NodeJS


Zero Config Security system

Uses Open hardware and mDNS to build a security system that rivals ADT.



You do not need to be a member of Zero1 Nation to participate in a workshop. All workshops are open to the public. Members interested in using the equipment at the hacker space must first complete a basic skills and safety course for that equipment.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with the community at Zero1 Nation, please fill out our class proposal form.

All classes, workshops, and courses can be registered online though our page on eventbright.

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We currently offer two membership options.

Basic Membership $50/mo

  • Tools: $2 per hour
  • Soldering Room: $12 per hour (includes tools)
  • Laser: $2.00/min*
  • $10 discount on workshops
  • Members only wifi

Full Membership $100/mo

  • Tools: Included
  • Soldering Room: Included
  • Laser: $1.60/min*
  • Makerbot: $.40/min
  • $15 discount on workshops
  • Members only wifi

Corporate plans are also available

*$.50/min malodorous material charge added to discounted price

Contact us

Phone: +1 719-568-9044

Address: 2121 Academy Circle Colorado Springs, Co. 80916